Need to Know: Logo and Brand Development

Complete and optimise your web presence by investing in logo and brand development.These are some more buzz words which you have no doubt come across, but why are they so important and why are we at Ireland Website Design so good at doing them?

In recent years Google have updated their logo. In the past, so too have Apple and Coca-Cola. This goes to show us that even the biggest companies in the world not only pay attention to their logos, but also make sure to keep them reflective of the times as needs be. Your logo acts as a stamp for your business, a visual cue that signals to the viewer the presence of your business. It should be in keeping with your business type and by extension, industry – healthcare for example may feature soft edges and welcoming colours such as light blues and warm greens etc. Take the time to invest in a simply effective logo and your customers will come to identify you by it. In summary: The importance of a logo cannot be underestimated, this visual stamp should be expertly crafted as an extension of your expertly crafted business.

Your business brand is arguably everything to do with your business. How long do you take to respond to a customer query and how often do you change the towels in your spa changing rooms are two completely different factors; but they are both telling of your brand. What you practice and what you preach are constantly evaluated by your customers and potential customers to form your brand. For example failing to deal with a customer complaint properly is seen as damaging to your brand. Branding expands into every facet of your business, so of course your web presence is no exception. Slow website? Spamming mailing lists? Inactive social media pages? All signs of a weak or nonchalant brand (words your surely do not want associated with your business). In summary: Your brand plays a huge deciding factor in how people interact with (if at all) your business and therefore it is essential to have it managed and maintained by experts.

Under the one roof, Ireland Website Design houses a group of experts. These include logo designers and developers and brand managers and maintainers. Why are we so good at these things? Well our sprawling portfolio was derived from our work which drives sales to your business.

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