When is a Blog not a Blog?

The words we use not only set the tone for our website visitors, but also add towards the first impression of what the words are describing. For example, here at IWD we refer to our blog as a blog. Others call their comparable blog section ‘news’ or ‘trends’ for example. Why is this?

What is a Blog?
Blogs can have a more personal and social connotation in that people may write and maintain an informal blog containing their views, thoughts and opinion pieces. Legitimate careers can rise from these and we know these people who make a living from blogging today as influencers. However a business can also have a blog (like we do). It is a collective thought-space on how the business as an entity is thinking. What is pinging on our radar worth writing about? What is in the digital media and web design news that we would like to discuss? What are we working on that our readers and website visitors may find interesting?

What is a News Section?
Some business websites have a blog, but refer to it as a ‘News’ section instead. The word news is a good fit here – news from the industry, news about the business etc. But the word ‘news’ carries with it a more formal connotation. News relays cold hard facts in an unbiased manner and leaves little room for opinion when writing in a neutral context. Therefore a ‘News’ section would arguably work better as an RSS feed compiling news articles and journal pieces in relation to the industries and sectors of a particular business. Perhaps your choice of articles (curated content) will appeal to your website visitors and thus gain a readership and following.

What is a Trends Section?
Arguably a hybrid of both a blog and news section, a trends section allows you to gather what is trending in the news in relation to your business industry and also offers you a space to opine on it. Some websites have begun to rename their blog/news section to the likes of ‘Digital Trends’, ‘Culinary Trends’ or ‘Photography Trends’ etc. The use of the word trends is enticing. People like to be on the pulse of what is current and ‘of the now’ and having a trends section on your website alludes to a section that contains this information. Consider implementing a trends section to get the best of both worlds by fusing blogs with news and being on trend at the same time.

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