Should your Website use Video Backgrounds?

Another popular, but not extremely versatile, design feature; video backgrounds can work well or work not so well depending on different factors. They do have a high visual impact and are arresting in this regard, but that single benefit should not distract you from the full picture.

Video Backgrounds Explained
Seen quite often on the home pages of websites are video backgrounds. Instead of an image or a plain colour as the background of the page, a video (usually full-width/full-screen) instead is used to populate the background area. On most websites these are set to play automatically when a visitor enters the website. So in essence, video backgrounds are an element that can autoplay and begin to convey visual information to website visitors as soon as they enter a desktop website.

Background videos are a very obviously visual element that draw attention to the action straight away. These can set the tone and proffer the first impressions for visitors of your website. For example a video showing a workshop or kitchen can give visitors a glimpse of how your products are made. If a USP of your business is that your products are handmade or sourced locally, this video element can help to display that. Polished and professional videos can also look sophisticated and set a good tone for your entire website design and Ux to follow.

Two of the major cons of video backgrounds come in the form of loading times and mobile responsiveness. The time to buffer, load and then display a video can add seconds to your website loading time – seconds that potential visitors may not care to wait for. The vast majority of video backgrounds also do not play automatically on mobile devices. This renders them near useless on an extremely commonly used device type to browse online.

Like with all website design elements, there are always pros and cons to consider. The expert team at Ireland Website Design will lead you in the right direction when it comes to your website design and Ux. Our work drives sales to your business.

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