Is Mobile just a Trend? Desktop Isn't Dead

While using mobile devices to access the internet is constantly on the rise, the death knell has not been rung for desktop devices either. It is important for online marketers to understand the push and pull factors that is keeping desktop usage afloat in this day and age.

Both desktop devices and mobile devices have their respective pros and cons of which we will expand on below. Therefore just because mobile is a hot topic (and judging by data and reports it looks poised to remain a hot topic for quite some time); it does not mean that desktop has become obsolete – far from it. In fact, there are some pros to desktop devices that mobile devices can’t come close to matching. Online and digital marketers have to remember that desktop has been around for much longer and still retains usage because of some longstanding positive traits.

Mobile Devices
Pros: Without a doubt, being able to access the internet on the move and on the go in the palm of your hand is a huge pro here. This literally puts the world at your fingertips to browse online, shop online, access apps, make bookings and reservations, message people and so much more. Mobile devices as we know them today are not simply used to access the internet either, they are mostly equipped with high-end cameras and telephone call capability.

Cons: The smaller screen size and overall size of mobile devices renders them subpar for certain tasks such as writing essays and pulling reports. Yes this can technically be done on them, but the constant need to hold the device and fitting a keyboard on the screen can prove finicky and frustrating over long periods of time. Mobile devices are also prone to rapid battery life as they perform many tasks at once.

Desktop Devices
Pros: It can be argued the desktop devices feel more robust and capable when it comes to completing tasks and work (especially in office-based environments). Usually supporting much more storage and processing power than mobile devices, desktop devices are a staple in many industries and sectors around the world. Designing a website or crunching co-ordinates for a rocket launch would not commonly take place via a mobile device.

Cons: As there are more components (both internal and external) to desktop devices, they are also prone to more hiccups and issues. Viruses are common on desktop devices, but less so on mobile for example. While desktop devices can receive software updates, their hardware can become outdated quickly and as they are often an expensive purchase, one would not be rushing out to purchase the next iteration such as touchscreen, voice responsiveness or even holographic projection.

As you can see from above, it is way too soon to rule desktop out for the count yet. Online marketers have to understand that people will still have to use them for large periods of time today and in time to come. Therefore ad campaigns and content optimised solely for mobile will miss this large cohort of individuals who (whether for personal or business purposes), need a desktop device in their lives. Talk to the experts here at Ireland Website Design to have your online presence assessed and optimised to drive sales on both desktop and mobile devices.

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