Are you Ready for FaceBook Recommendations?

The arrival of FaceBook recommendations signals a renewed importance for your business presence on social media. By removing some layers and steps between personal pages and business pages, the update optimises business potential to reach those who are already seeking them out (warm leads).

This all comes down to the FaceBook recommendation algorithm which can recognise specific sets of text. For example, when a person posts a status along the lines of “Anything happening on Friday night?”, this post is eligible to receive optimised recommendations via the comments left on it. This happens when a friend comments on your post “Ye, Casper’s Bar has karaoke every Friday night!” If Casper’s Bar has a FaceBook page (or is listed with them), it’s page will automatically be added with the comment. Therefore it is only one click or one tap away. Not only this, but a map will also generate and pin the location of Casper’s Bar too it. Therefore from one comment about Casper’s Bar, their business page and location is easily available and accessible to the FaceBook user who is looking to do something in their local area on Friday night. This recommendation is important because it is coming from a friend; therefore it is the equivalent to a positive review/testimonial.

Business pages have also seen a gloss of coat added to them to make them shine that bit more. Namely, there are new and more specific call-to-action buttons available to integrate with business pages. These include specific wordings such as “call now” and “watch video”. Not only this, but transactions and purchases can now take place on these pages to offer users a more seamless experience. FaceBook has partnered with the likes of Ticketmaster and BookingBug to facilitate for card payments. It may be more suitable for the conversion to take place with a more chat based focus. If so, the call-to-action button can bring the use straight to the FaceBook Messenger app for instant chat and confirmation of the conversion. As you can see from all of the above, your FaceBook page needs to be optimised and ready to benefit from the new FaceBook recommendations.

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