You Need Content that Closes the Deal

As the competition online increases, so too does the content. With this comes the notion that your content has to be fully digested to become effective. Otherwise, there is always other content nearby to distract and poach potential customers. You need content that closes the deal.

FaceBook recently announced a new algorithm that affects its news feed. Specifically, it will monitor how much of a video is actually viewed before the viewer navigates away from it. As you can probably guess, the more of the video that is watched (measured as 100% meaning the entire video has been watched) will directly affect how this video is categorised in terms of good content. This shows FaceBook that the video has obviously struck a chord with multiple viewers and is therefore a good piece of content. Therefore good content such as this will gain more of a reach while more subpar content will struggle to reach the same echelons.

As we can see from FaceBook’s above feature, you need content that will reign supreme and hook those who come across it to serve its purpose because if it does not, there will always be superior content nearby to steal your thunder. Your content needs to be clear and direct. It should allude to any descriptions or microcopy associated with it and also be tagged appropriately. This is a triple threat of effectiveness as your content should attract those who are looking for it (as it is tagged correctly) and hold their attention as it is what they have been looking for. As part of content being categorised as ‘good’, it should direct people to contact your business with the hopes they convert into customers.

So for content to close the deal and convert cold leads into warmer ones, you need to ensure that it is optimised to do this. Text should be readable and free from spelling errors, images should be high-resolution and edited when necessary and videos should feature content that is watched to completion. The exact way to achieve this will be dictated not only by your type of business, but also by your target audience(s). You will have to research this to uncover the specifics, but suffice to say regardless of these particular stipulations; your content has to close the deal for those who consume it and spur them to convert. Read our guide on curating content for your website visitors by clicking here.

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