What to Learn from the LinkedIn Refresh

Following their recent desktop website refresh, LinkedIn now places more of a focus on both content and conversation for those who use the social media platform. This puts LinkedIn more inline with its social media peers while also alluding to the need for quality content and collaborative approach through conversation.

Quality Content
If you are a regular reader of this blog (or indeed any good online marketing blog); you will see it mentioned time and time again about how important quality content is online. Not only does having quality content bode well for those who visit your website and digest it, but it is also a huge factor in determining your SEO position and if Google will direct traffic to your website. LinkedIn have placed an emphasis on quality content in their recent refresh by updating their algorithm and utilising real people behind the scenes to curate the content that LinkedIn users will see based on their likes and interests. In terms of LinkedIn itself, content here can refer to how full and completed your profile is.

When we talk about conversation online, we often mean when content is shared and commented on in the sense that this keeps a conversation and dialogue going about said content. When this happens, it shows that the content warrants attention as it triggers reactions and thoughts in those who digest it. LinkedIn have placed an emphasis on conversation in their recent refresh in what they refer to as “smart messaging”. This is whereby messages and chats appear at the bottom of the screen as is commonplace with social media and chat portals as of late. A new feature also lets you see some of the details of those who read your content. So for example you may post a link to a blog piece about the stock exchange and find those in the financial sector take an interest.

While we have always known (and preached) how content is king, LinkedIn’s recent overhaul shows you how global brands are willing to refresh their entire interface to allude to this. The deliberate edge on conversation too also recalls best practice SEO methodology in terms of having this content shared and commented on.

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