Don't Neglect Traditional Methods with Online Marketing

As digital marketers, we know how online and connected digital media is of paramount use to make sales and to market online. Even as this advances at a rapid pace, it is important to still incorporate traditional sales and marketing methods from before the digital age. We explain this here.

Traditional sales and marketing plans utilise a strategy to roll-out activities and events in accordance with their intended goals and targets. As online and digital media has a very instant and even automatic aspect to it (such as automation), strategies and timing can become hazy or lost in the process. For example if we consider FaceBook pages. Most businesses have them (best practice), but they often have them for the sake of having them. With this there may be sporadic and random posts as opposed to a solid and scheduled use of content if a strategy were in place.

Print Media
Even though images are digested differently online (i.e. they can be shared and commented on etc.) and in physical paper form (i.e. observed via the eye in person and not viewed on a screen); they should arguably cling to more traditional print media design methods. This means that the media itself should convey all of the information to those who see it. Think of a poster for an upcoming film. This would show images in relation to the film and list details such as the actors and cast involved, the release date and perhaps a blurb or headline about the film itself. Your online media should work in the same manner – the information should be self-contained within pieces of content so that they would also work in the physical world if printed in a magazine or newspaper etc.

Public Relations
Public relations is another facet that can be distilled in an online format. Rather than holding events or outreach programmes with physical presence that can interact with your customers and clients; public relations finds a comfortable home in terms of online customer service. For example responding to a customer query or complaint in a timely and satisfactory manner is great customer service. Buttress this by showcasing survey results and testimonials where appropriate and applicable to give your positive public relations a platform online.

The expert team at Ireland Website Design can help you to integrate more tried and tested traditional sales and marketing techniques into your online funnel. Get in touch with us today – our work drives sales to your business.

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