The Online Recipe to Cook Up Sales

The smell of success is described as sweet as the saying goes, “that sweet smell of success”. Indeed, making sales from your website is a sweet possibility that your business should utilise. Here we show you how to cook up some sales online by using your website.

The Online Recipe to Cook up Online Sales

Step 1: Gather Your Information
Information forms the ingredients in your pursuit to cook up sales online. Your website must convey what those who visit it wish to know about your products and/or services. Include detailed descriptions, usability examples, dimensions and even what materials or fabrics what you are selling is made from. Too many cooks may spoil the broth, but Google appreciates a minimum of three-hundred words of text on each of your webpages.

Step 2: Add Reviews to the Mix
The opinion of your products and services can rise like yeast in the minds of potential customers when they can read reviews and testimonials. Having these peppered within/nearby to your descriptions adds a tangible real-life angle from those who have purchased from your website and have been happy with their purchase.

Step 3: Set the Right Price
Just like how baking requires the oven to be set at the correct temperature, setting the correct price can make or break your chances of sales. Research the market and competition to offer a price that is competitive and not inflated for what you are offering. This is dependent on your service and industry and also on supply on demand. If a competitor offers similar products and/or services for sale at a better price point (and has sufficient reviews to negate the ‘quality not quantity’ viewpoint); you will find it hard to gain and retain customers.

Step 4: Don’t Count your Chickens Before they Hatch
It does not make sense to offer stock that you yourself do not have in stock to supply. For example, if you only have six vases in stock and a customer places an order online for ten vases, you will have to split their order and incur extra delivery charges and lead times etc. Instead of running the risk of having this customer shop elsewhere; monitor your stock levels closely. Order/create extra stock as you need it and it is also a good idea to have stock that is in limited supply display a ‘low on stock’ tag/label on your online store.

Step 5: Deliver the Goods
With your ingredients successfully assembled, combined and left to bake, you should produce the sweet taste of success as your online shop makes sales. Extend this sweetness to your customers by ensuring that their goods are delivered to them on time or that their services are provided to them as they should be. With a business model this good and efficient, who can resist?

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