Three Tips to Boost your Organic Website Ranking

Paying attention to and maintaining your websites organic ranking is always important; even if you mostly rely on paid advertising. If your ads were to be removed, would your website receive any visits purely from your organic ranking? Here we provide three simple tips to maintain an organic presence.

Tip 1: Flesh out your SERP Listing Preview
Each of your webpages and blog posts have individual and unique previews when displayed on a SERP. Do not neglect to ensure that the meta description, title and URL are all attended to in the backend of your website. Not only are each of these elements opportunities to increase your keyword density, they are also areas with which to rely information to potential website visitors. If you do not manually ensure that each of these areas convey the correct and best information for the SERP preview, it may be auto-populated by your websites CMS resulting in a random and nonsensical approach to your organic SEO.


Tip 2: Flesh our your SERP Listing Preview (even more!) by using Rich Snippets
Advancing on from the first tip above, you can make your SERP previews even better using what are called rich snippets. Using a plugin appropriate for your website (contact your web designer if unsure), rich snippets add an extra layer of information to your page previews. This can include reviews of your product/service (the amount of reviews plus an overall start rating), prices, stock levels, opening hours and more. As you can see, this is a substantial amount of information that your website gives to people who are simply on a SERP page. Due to this, they may be more likely to click into your website as they can see what you have on offer to fulfil their needs.

Tip 3: Improve your Weaker Pages
Use your website analytic software to deduct which of your pages are underperforming i.e. receiving less hits than other pages, not making conversions etc. Compare these to the pages that are thriving and then update the weaker pages to be more like them. Perhaps the stronger pages have more text (min. of 300 words is recommended), have more/less images or are easier to navigate? Identify what is working and why (in-page analytics can help with this) and get all of your webpages to a similar successful level. With this done, you have more organic pages in your arsenal that are optimised and poised to appear on SERPs.

As you can see from above, some simple fixes can make all the difference when it comes to important organic rankings. The expert team at Ireland Website Design can complete these for you across your website and maintain your presence online. As a premier digital agency working with both Irish and international clients of all sizes, our work drives sales to your business.

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