Are you Utilising Reviews on your Website Properly?

In the same vein as testimonials, reviews are a similar powerful tool that can really help to sway a visitor of your website into a customer of your business. Are you using these properly (or even at all) on your website? Here we show you how.

Reviews of your business can really penetrate into your ethos and your overall brand as they can touch on different areas. For example, if you offer a service (i.e. a massage parlour), reviews may focus not solely on the massage itself, but also on the premises where the service is held and the staff that are interacted with. Unbiased critique of your business as a whole is a great indicator as to if you stay true to your vision and mission statements.

There are two ways to positively influence how your reviews perform for your business and help to drive sales to it:

1. Pre-Set Parameters
A lot of review results can be extracted from surveys given to your customers and clients. These could take the form of physical paper surveys/questionnaires that people fill out, or online via software like Survey Monkey. Regardless of the format, you design these surveys and as such direct attention towards facets of your business (i.e. by asking about how friendly the staff were, you attract a review of your staff etc.). With this, you can highlight areas which you know your business excels at, a USP perhaps, to obtain a stream of positive reviews in its favour.

2. Placement
With your reviews and possibly even scores (if you ask for a one out of ten or a five-star rating etc.) collected and collated, they are of no use to potential customers and visitors of your website if they cannot view them. Just like with testimonials, make sure to put your review achievements in the spotlight on your website. This is commonly used in advertising and for good reason too as seeing that X amount of people agree with what you say and what you are trying to sell adds a genuine gravitas to your claims: “92% of 1,000 customers surveyed gave our product a five-star rating, click here to find out why.”

In the digital age of today, simply having a website is not nearly enough for your business to survive and thrive online. Not only does this need to be responsive, immersive and optimised at every angle, but it also needs to connect with those who view it – reviews are but one great way to achieve this. Talk to the expert team at Ireland Website Design to ensure that your business survives and thrives online today. Our work drives sales to your business.

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