What is Automation?

Automation is a great asset to any business looking to keep their name and brand fresh in the minds of those who have interacted with the business. This can be a long and daunting process to setup, but is definitely worth it in the long run. Here we show you what is involved.

Setting up an automation flow (in simple terms, e-mails that send automatically when certain criteria is met); takes a good amount of preparation beforehand. Do bear in mind that a digital agency can look after this time-consuming task for you. We here at Ireland Website Design take the time to research and understand your business, industry and target audience(s) before implementing an automation workflow that is optimised to drive sales to your business.

To begin with automation, the easiest way to start is with a marketing mail software. Let’s use MailChimp as an example. You can design your e-mail e.g. “Welcome to Brenda’s Bakery”, assign who you want this sent to e.g. new subscribers added to my list in the seven days and then schedule this to be sent at a time and date e.g. Tuesday 20th December at 10:00am. This is automation in a nutshell – deciding who you want to automatically contact, what content you want to contact them with and when you wish to contact them. This can be repeated and replicated many different times to target many different subscribers with the content and offers/promotions etc. of your choosing.

The beauty of automation is that it takes care to keep in contact with your subscribers without you having to lift a finger. Once you put in the time to setup your workflows, e-mails and lists etc., the process is entirely automatic and happens in the background while you go on with your other pressing tasks. It does however require some fine-tuning and tweaking as your business needs and audiences grow and change. This may require for new lists to be created and/or segmented and also for new e-mails and content to be created to suit your new needs. Outsource this to the digital marketing experts here at Ireland Website Design to have all of this taken care for you.

Automation can pay off substantially in the medium to long run when implemented properly for your business and customers. The expert team at Ireland Website Design can do this properly and professionally for your business so get in touch with us today to get his started. Our work drives sales to your business.

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