How to Make your Business Look Professional Online

When it comes to an online presence, some brands are simply great at purveying a polished and professional appearance. Here we show you how to achieve this by striking the balance between paid advertising and organic SEO for a professional looking online presence.

Paid Advertising
Online paid advertising has a mixed history with people who browse online. Some studies and research using heat maps uncovered that some people gloss by the ads at the top of the SERP and go straight to the organic results. A possible reason for this is that they believe they are paying for their position (i.e. as the ads are paid for) and therefore may not be a worthy placeholder to fulfil their need(s).  As such, while paid SERP advertising definitely has its merits, it can be recommended to allocate some of your advertising budget to social media advertising too which brings us onto the next point of . . .

Social Media Advertising
By allocating perhaps 60% of your budget to SERP advertising and 40% to social media advertising, you alleviate your professional presence in two main ways. Firstly, your business will not appear overtly reliant on artificial placement to gain traction online. Secondly, it solidifies your presence by appearing as a verified business on major social media platforms (FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter etc). As social media ads mostly allow you to use a picture alongside the text of your ad, you have an opportunity to display your branding via imagery too. This brings us onto the next point of . . .

Consistent Appearance
Your business and brand identity is achieved and perceived online via the words and images that you use. These need to be consistent and clear in every iteration online to establish and build upon an aesthetic identity with which your customers and potential customers alike can come to attribute to you online. Translation; invest in photography and/or stock imagery that is very niche and specific to your business, decide on your chosen colour scheme and hire a professional copywriter if needed. These elements combined result in a consistent flow of content that reflects your business ethos whether it be seen through your paid SERP advertising, paid social media advertising or in any and all of your organic (unpaid) online presence vehicles (website, blogs, social media postings, videos etc.).


We have worked with hundreds of clients here at Ireland Website Design to curate and deploy their professional image and presence online. Our expert team work to drive sales to your business, so get in touch if this sounds like something which appeals to you.

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