3 SEO Techniques that Cost 0.07c Each

Time is money and SEO helps your business make money. Therefore cost-effective SEO tips can only be seen as a good thing. Here we present three to you – effective cost-effective SEO tips that cost 0.21c in total.

Spend: €0.07
Gain: Focus
Spend one hour researching your industry and your local area online. Deduct when your competitors appear in the SERP when you search for certain words/terms (competitor analysis). You may find that they do not appear when you search for a word/term related to your industry. This is an opportunity for you to target this word/term with little competition. Spend one hour researching online and gain a possible new focus with little or no competition. With the average broadband package costing €50 per month and with an average of 730 hours in a month, one hour online costs €0.07.


Spend: €0.07
Gain: One Optimised Webpage
Set yourself a limit of one hour to successfully implement a keyword into one of your webpages. If your chosen keyword that you are looking to target is “Waterford city hotel”, make sure that these words appear (in that exact order) in the following places of your webpage: heading (H1 text), body of text (at least three times), URL, meta description and any image alt text fields. This ensures a great SEO presence for your webpage that can be completed in one hour max.


Spend: €0.07
Gain: Extra SEO Content
One cannot underestimate blogging when it comes to increasing your SEO presence. Once a blog contains three-hundred words, Google recognises this as a new webpage attributed to your website. Follow the steps in the tip above to optimise your blog post and you increase the overall standing of your website. With quality content (i.e. your blog post) live in tandem with your modern and responsive business website, you greatly improve the chances of Google directing traffic to you when somebody searches for one of your SEO targeted words/terms.  

As you can see, even with limited technical and SEO proficiency, spending an hour at a time online can reap SEO dividends for your website. To take your website, SEO efforts and online presence to the next level; seek the assistance of an online agency such as us here at Ireland Website Design. In this way, you free up your time by outsourcing your important online work to our expert team remotely and reap the dividends imminently.

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