You Have Always had a Virtual Assistant for your Business

With the Google Home and Amazon Echo home virtual assistants set to be a popular purchase this Christmas, your business also has easy access to a virtual assistant.

What is a Virtual Assistant?
As you may have seen advertised, home virtual assistants are devices which help with tasks around the house. Once connected to a power source and the internet, the voice activated devices respond and cater to your demands. If you want to know the news, the likelihood of rain or even want some music to be played, simply state this to the device. You can also ask the device to remind you of things at a certain time or date i.e. a birthday or an item that you need to purchase when grocery shopping later in the week.

How does this help me and/or my business?
The likes of Google Home and Amazon Echo can help around the office with the tasks and information relaying as stated above. But a much more effective virtual assistant is that of a digital agency such as us here at Ireland Website Design. The virtual aspect of hiring a company for assistance is that the work can be competed remotely outside of your office. Therefore this virtual assistance works by not impacting on your resources such as office space, staff workload and time.

What can a digital agency help me with?
Website design, online marketing and online sales growth can all be achieved with the assistance of a digital agency. This can be all be done with our staff and our resources in our dedicated office space here in Waterford. You get assistance to grow your business from a highly qualified team separate to your office. Your business becomes a project for us to optimise, grow and create the results you are looking to achieve. Need a landing page and paid advertising campaign to grow your newsletter subscriber list(s)? No problem. We can help with all of your online and digital marketing needs. Our tried and tested systems and procedures (such as setting and obtaining KPIs, use of the Teamwork software).

So if you would like and think you can benefit from virtual assistance to drive sales to your business, get in touch with us here at Ireland Website Design. We consistently keep our clients satisfied with our outcomes and quality work that culminates in you and your business reaching both full potential and online aims and goals.

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