Three Things to Avoid when Getting your Website Designed

The oft times long web design process is best handled by professional website designers. Even so, there are still some things to know to avoid.

New CMS and Training
Websites are designed on what is known as a content management system (CMS) – examples would include Joomla and WordPress (we design on these and more here at Ireland Website Design). If you are used to Joomla and your new website design is going to be made with WordPress, this is a red flag. Will you be able to add pages to your website and edit it down the line? If your new website is coming with a new CMS, it is essential that you receive training on how to use this. If this is unsuitable for you, ensure at the earliest stage of the web design process that your new website is built on a CMS that you can use.

Delaying your Content
Over 90% of the time, the one thing that will delay the progress of your new website build is that the web designer does not have content from you to use. You will need to provide them with the text and in some cases the images to be used within your new website. Web designers need this to plot and plan the layout of your pages and design accordingly. So they will need to know if your home page will have 450 words and three images on this page. To allow web designers to work full steam ahead, do not put this off and make sure to pass all of the content they need to them as soon as possible.

Front-loading Features
As your new website takes shape, your web designer (if they are a good web designer) should show you drafts of the progress. Depending on how these drafts look, you may think to add something new or implement a new feature to complement your new web design. Your web designer should always welcome any ideas, but do be warned. Adding anything extra after the initial brief will not only add to the cost of the web design build, but also to the time it takes to complete the entire build. It would be advised to let your new website go live first and then after X amount of months you can get features and changes added and made.

The expert team at Ireland Website Design are the perfect website design team to create your new business website – or to reskin your current one. We have hundreds of successful clients to our name and use tried and tested systems and procedures when designing our websites to drive sales to your business.

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