How to Add the Authenticity Factor to your Website

Your website should show your visitors (i.e. potential customers) that you practice what you preach. Here we explain how to implement the authenticity factor.

Your business exists to fulfil the needs/desires of your customers – but you are hardly going to state this as bluntly. Your ‘About Us’ page should never read “We created our products because we know that people use cotton ear buds and we want to make money from this.” While this may be true, the motive of “we want to make money” sounds cold and harsh and does not really consider the needs of the end user. Let’s take a look at your website Home page, About Us page and your Contact page to show how to add an authentic factor to them.

Home Page
This is most likely the biggest landing page of your website. Therefore it would not be advised to drown your visitors with walls of text and bombard them with too much information at once - this can come across as forced, artificial and an unauthentic introduction to your business motives. Instead, introduce it gently; “We sell the highest quality cotton ear buds available to buy both online and in-store because we believe in the best personal healthcare for all. Click here to learn about us and what we do for you.” The click here text should be linked to your ‘About Us’ page which is the appropriate place to house this information.

About Us Page
Whatever you state in your About Us page, you need to back up with evidence. This gives your content an authentic edge that verifies all your claims, thus leading your website visitors to believe what you are saying and selling because you are genuine. If your company founder is mentioned here, include a picture of them to put a face to a name. One step better, include a picture of them at work on an assembly line or in your first store. Buttress everything you are saying with relevant testimonials too. For example if you state you have brilliant customer service, put a client testimonial beside this text which attests to your brilliant customer service.

Contact Page
If you have a contact form on your contact page, this is the last chance you have to convert your website visitors into potential customers of your business should they arrive to this page. Pepper this page with any awards or achievements connected with your business. This can be the final push to showcase and solidify all of the claims made on your website – the last visual testament to your authenticity to what you say and what you do.

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