Has Word-of-Mouth Advertising Finally Revealed Itself?

Word-of-mouth advertising can be a powerful commodity, but it is a commodity that it often hard to measure. What if it has been hiding under our noses . . .

What is Word-of-Mouth Advertising?
Word-of-mouth advertising would take place for example if I bought a product from your business, was impressed by it and talked about it to one of my friends. This can also work in reverse – if I was not impressed and in fact unhappy with the product, I may also verbally vent to my friends and family. Due to this ad-hoc and closed quarters nature, we can ascertain that word-of-mouth advertising definitely exists but is hard to quantify and measure.

Has the answer been hiding under our noses?
With this advertising existing under a veil as such, one may think it is difficult to grasp and translate into an online format. But what if we have been looking at this wrong and calling it the wrong thing. Surely there exists the digital and online equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising, a way for those who have used your business and were happy with it to divulge their satisfaction? Of course, these are known as what we call testimonials.

Testimonials – The Key Influencers Today
Yes it is testimonials that are the equivalent of captured and quantifiable word-of-mouth advertising that has widespread usage in business today. Testimonials are understandably littered around websites, advertising, print media and packaging today as the genuine words from genuine customers and clients are worth their weight in gold. While we know that word-of-mouth advertising very much exits, we have to accept that this will always be an advertising medium that is hard to grasp, pin down and examine. Whereas testimonials are transcribed word-for-word to your business, complete with the name of the customer/client singing your praises. These are not merely a trend, but a commonplace practice that we are sure will stand the test of time due to their usability and effectiveness in business today and beyond.

Testimonials are a very powerful way to engage and attract customers to your business. They should at the very least make an appearance on your website to support your online presence in what you say and do. The expert team at Ireland Website Design can implement a slider for example that can supply a stream of changing testimonials that display on your website. Get in touch with us to improve your digital marketing strategies and funnels and drive sales to your business.

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