At What Stage Does your Website Bear Fruit?

After your website is launched and goes live, how long must you wait for it to bear fruit and increase sales to your business?

In the world today where information is available at an instant, shops, bars and restaurants are open twenty-four hours a day; sales are not always as instant to your business as one would like it to be. While you can study analytics and trends to no end, you can also make an educated guess as to the timeframes and periods that the work put into your website will bear fruit and result in sales to your business.

Launch Period
While it is not impossible to incur sales as soon as your new business website launches, you should not expect an abundance of them. In the initial phase of your website launching live online (let’s say the initial month), your website has to settle in online. This involves Google determining the website place within the search engine results and also implementing Google spiders/crawling to determine the new content of your website and add it to the overall index. During your first month, it is a good idea to invest in paid Google Ads to bolster some traffic to your website and start to build lists for remarketing down the line.

After One Month
If we consider the first month as the launch phase, going into the second month your website is ‘embedded’ online and established as such. Now your organic SEO can come into play to great effect to bolster your position online. Therefore with this increased visibility comes increased chances for more sales to your business. Now is a good time to set up remarketing for your website as your audiences will have begun to have formed.

Two Months Onwards
After two months of your website being live, your business should now be well established online. With this established visibility you can run sales and promotions on your website and advertise this via paid Google Ads and also organic efforts such as blog posts and newsletters. At this stage your website can really bear some sweet fruit as you construct a sales funnel which greatly helps to drive sales to your business.

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