How Expanded AdWords can Threaten Organic SEO

With the addition of extra headlines, character count and overall text to Google Ad snippets; space for organic results can become even more limited.

With Google’s introduction of allowing you to utilise expanded text within your ads (i.e. giving you more scope to add text to your add), one has to wonder what the knock-on effect for organic search results will be. With this expansion comes less overall room on the search engines results pages (SERPs) therefore a website that appeared at the end of page one may find itself being bumped to page two.

This adds another complex layer to the already ultracompetitive realm of organic SEO. To keep your website in the best organic position as possible, your SEO efforts now need to be reinforced even further. But you may feel that you have reached your peak SEO output and don’t want to venture into black hat SEO territory. So how can you fortify your SEO force even further? We recommend that you follow the three F’s: Focus, Fixtures and Filing.


Don’t try and guess every single keyword or phrase that online browsers may use to find your website and what you offer. Instead, focus on your core offering and the key products, services and audiences that are relevant to you. So it makes sense to target the keywords of ‘luxury Samsung covers’ instead of ‘great smartphone cases’.

The elements that comprise of your webpages should be tagged appropriately with your keyword/keyphrase that you are looking to target. These fixtures of webpages include images, text, snippets, titles and even URLs. Each of these are an opportunity to increase your keyword density and enhance your organic SEO.

A facet that should not be ignored is the organisation of your pages in the backend. Try to avoid having more than one page optimised for the same keyword/phrase as you do not want your webpages competing against each other. In a similar manner, your images also stored in the backend should also have separate alternative text entered for each one.

Consider these three F’s as an added edge to your SEO efforts. You of course do not want your ranking to be muscled out by expanded Google Ads, so going the extra mile will keep you miles ahead. Contact the experts at Ireland Website Design to implement the best SEO strategy for your business website with paid and/or organic practices. Our work drives sales to your business.

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