Traits that Improve your Contents Chances of Being Shared

Having content is great, but having content that is shared online is even better. Here are some traits that your content should have to improve its share-ability.

Marketing strategy company Fractl recently ran a study on two-thousand FaceBook users with the aim of discovering what motivates them to share content. The results were fascinating to say the least, but they also highlighted three key traits and reasons that content should possess to increases that chances it is shared between users.

Content should be: Interesting
Of the two-thousand users studied, a huge 48% relayed that they share content that they think their social media friends/followers will find interesting. This makes sense in that your groups of friends and followers are already most likely bound by common interests. Therefore sharing content that appeals to one’s social circle is a natural habit, arguably a trait of a good online friend. What defines the word ‘interesting’ however is for another study to uncover; suffice to say that the stereotypically mundane/run of the mill company news (“Meet our newest staff members Jessie and James . . .”) would not make for the most interesting of content.


Content should be: Useful
Snowballing on from the previous point, useful content also ranked very highly for share-ability. Out of those studied, 55% would share content that they felt had a useful factor. This shows us that there should be a solid reason behind sharing content – it is not an aimless exercise just for fun. Examples of useful content may be both nice and specific i.e. a blog post in relation to first-time buyers climbing on the property ladder, or more broad i.e. a sale or offer on products/services.

Content should: Make Users Feel Closer to Their Friends
53% of those studied parlayed that they share content because it makes them feel closer to their friends (i.e. those who they share the content with). This can have personal connotations such as “I saw this gif and though of you” or “Check out this meme, this perfectly describes our friendship.” The act of sharing denotes thinking of someone in particular – even if this train of thought is only the click of their name to share it with them. Regardless of the idiosyncrasies, this illustrates to use that the content you create and post has the ability to not only reach others, but make them feel also.

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