Get a Headstart on your 2017 Content

With content poised to remain paramount in 2017 for your website, it makes sense to get a head start with some content that you know you will need.

Your website will always need fresh and new content to remain timely and relevant online. This can take the form of webpages, images, videos and blog posts for example. This can be a time-consuming but necessary task to complete. However you can get ahead of this and save yourself some time by planning and preparing in advance. Here are some examples of content you will be guaranteed to need in the next six months. Why not get ahead of the game?

Christmas Content
We touched on this in a recent blog post about how to get your eCommerce website ready for the commotion of Christmas. But even if you do not have an eCommerce website, you can still prepare some content that will be of use. Examples here would be a webpage or blog post detailing your Christmas opening hours or a newsletter to wish all of your subscribers a Happy Christmas. These types of content can also be scheduled ahead of time so that you can complete them now and launch them when the time is right.

Seasonal Offerings
As time passes, so too do the seasons and so too do the needs and wants of your customers. To reflect this, your products and services may change to reflect what is dictated by the seasons. As part of your planner for the next six months (and going by trends from the previous years); you should know what your offerings will be in the coming months. As such, you can prepare the likes of product pictures and descriptions now and even come up with what introductory discounts and sales you may offer on these new service offerings.

Business News
If you have been working on a project or are close to launching a new facet of your business in the next while, you can prepare content around this to introduce it to your customers. Why not track your progress in the form of a blog i.e. “Two weeks to go until we launch the next innovation to the market.” In tandem with this, the more content you have in anticipation of this new innovation, the more you can promote it and spread the work. Therefore a dedicated webpage and section of your website could be drafted up and ready for use.

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