Exploring the New WordPress Advanced SEO Tools

October 2016 sees WordPress add three new SEO tools to help court visitors to your website. We explore and explain them here.

In the competitive quest for the perfect SEO strategy, any extra tools are useful and welcomed. WordPress have released three key tools to help with the SEO of your website and therefore to help your website reach more people. With a slant on customisation and checking your work before it goes live, here we take a look.

Custom Meta Descriptions
Already in existence via third-party plugins such as Yeost, WordPress now have their own tool that allows you to set custom meta descriptions for your website pages and blog posts. With this you can dictate this snippet of information to say what you want it to say and can also include your keyword(s) in this snippet. Without this step of customising your meta description, WordPress will simply use text from your webpage/blog post (usually drawn from the beginning sentences) to form the meta description.

Custom Title Formats
This tool allows you to reorder and reword your page titles to your liking. The tool allows you to reorder elements such as taglines and your site name and also add separators between these elements as you please. You can set the order for how your titles appear across your website to retain the orders that you like in the places that you deem best. For example for your home page you may think that your website name followed by your slogan is the best way for this to appear on a search engine results page.

Preview for Search and Social
After working on your efforts in terms of the custom meta descriptions and title formats as above, the preview tool now allows you to see what these will look like once published live online. You are given the option to see how this will look when shown in Google and also on social media platforms such as FaceBook and Twitter. The beauty of this tool is that it can show how exactly how your content will look before it goes live. With this, something which may seem ok when editing in the WordPress backend may not translate or render well once published online – consider this tool your safety net.

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