How Can a Professional Website Design Agency Help my Business?

There is more to launching a responsive website than just designing it; here we show you how a professional website agency helps you.

When getting a website designed for a business of any size, it must be both responsive and mobile friendly. A professional website design agency such as Ireland Website Design knows this and implements these features into all of our custom website designs for our many clients. Yet apart from the design and functionality elements, there are other aspects to consider that a professional agency such as ourselves can not only help you with, but action and complete for you.

Domain Name
Your website is linked to a domain. A domain is usually the name of a business and is entered into the address bar of an internet browser to reach the business website. Take us for example, our domain name is Your domain name must be purchased and registered with a domain name provider such as GoDaddy or Register365. While not an overly technical process, you will be bombarded with similar suggestions and add-on options while trying to secure your domain name plus offers of support and linked e-mail etc. Take the pain out of this by getting your professional website design agency to look after this step for you.

Hosting + Servers
We have mentioned before how websites need a virtual plot of land online to be built upon to exist. Many different server types exist with shared, dedicated and cloud-based servers being some of the most popular. Confused yet? Some clients don’t know what a server is and have no desire to know – this is perfectly understandable. As a busy business at any level (i.e. start-up or scale-up etc.), it makes sense to outsource the technical details and specifications such as servers for your website to the professionals who work with these elements every day.

Backups + Updates
A business website is a living thing which grows when content is added to it and reacts when visitors click into it. To keep it functional and at its best performance, it will require maintenance, updates and backups. These take place to upgrade software and plugins for example so that the older versions which can become unsafe (hackers can use these as a back door to your website as they are no longer supported in favour of the newer version) are removed and replaced. Likewise it makes sense to have regular website backups created. In a worst case scenario, your website can be restored from a backup if needs be. Again a professional agency such as ourselves can take of this for you.

As you can see from above, these are but just three points that show the considerable technical slant which many do not know forms part of overall website design. Contact the expert team at Ireland Website Design to handle the pain of this for you and to get a responsive website that will drive sales to your business.

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