How to Find your Websites Blind Spots

You may know that there are areas of your website that need to be fixed or improved, but it makes sense to gain a fresh perspective to uncover blind spots.

Even the best websites in the world require updates and upkeep at intervals to ensure they maintain their stellar quality and user experience for their visitors. You may know what is the next thing you are looking to update on your website, but are you blinkered? This meaning are you suffering from tunnel vision in focusing on what you think needs to be actioned rather than what should be actioned from a customer standpoint? Here are some ways to uncover these standpoints.

1. Ask Directly
The most straightforward way to do this is by having a part of your website (perhaps in the footer for example) where your visitors can send you feedback. As part of your exit strategy, you could also have a lightbox set to appear when a visitor goes to leave your website. This lightbox can also ask for feedback directly “Before you leave, would you like to see any changes to our website experience before you come back?”.


2. Incentivise Feedback
To improve your chances of receiving customer feedback about your website, offer them an incentive. As part of your e-mail marketing, your hook could be to offer your customers 10% off their next online order – once they complete a feedback form for you. Likewise, you could turn this incentive on its head and offer it to new customers only, add it as a pop when somebody makes an account to purchase with you: “Leave us feedback and receive 10% off your first order with us.”

3. Seek Staff Support
A fresh perspective can also be gained from within. Simply ask your staff what their opinions are and where they see room for improvement. Especially if they do not work with your website, they bring a fresh set of eyes to proceedings. Collect and collate your staff feedback to see if you are on the same page as them in this regard or if they can help you see things that you may have overlooked about your website.

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