How to Make Money from your Website Content

In keeping with an updated and attentive online marketing strategy, your website will naturally fill with quality content. Why not profit from this?

With the certain expectation for businesses to constantly produce fresh content to keep their SEO efforts sustained and also to fulfil the appetite of their website visitors; a vast amount of quality content is created. As you are the best at what you do, in theory your content should also mirror this standard. Why not take advantage of this and earn an income from this website content by catering to university and research audiences who can use the data behind it?

Link up with Manufacturers to Ascertain Supply and Demand
A website which sells plants and flowers etc. would have data (such as through Google Analytics) showing what plants and flowers are purchased frequently. Growers and manufacturers of these and related products require this data to know what the demand is and to therefore supply it. Yes they may get his data from huge data and research companies who specialise in this, but you have nothing to lose by approaching your local growers. “Hi, my name is Daniel and I own a business called Green Thumbs Dublin. Through my website I’ve noticed trends that white roses seem to be popular in this area around March and April. Would you like to link up and see how we can help each other meet the supply and demand for the local area?”. For all you know, they may prefer to work with a more niche source closer to home (i.e. you and your business website).

Link up with Universities to Promote Projects and Studies
In the education sector, much of the learning is theory based in that students are told to imagine that company X makes €10,000 a year etc. You could contact the course director of a degree or department that is relevant to your business – for example a party supplies business may link up with an event management course. Students may want to know how many balloons on average are sold per children’s party. This is quite niche information, but valuable information to them all the same. If a student body comes up with a new product or service that is particularly innovative, your website could be the vehicle to sell this from while the waters are tested. If it proves successful, you could earn a share of the profits or be an exclusive vendor of this innovation.

Redefine Profit
Now you have fostered mutually beneficial links with local suppliers and educational bodies. If your dealings with them involves the exchange of money for them to use your data and test theories with your products etc., well done – you have made a profit from your already existing website content. If not, fear not. The links you have made come with incentive. These people now know who you are, what you do and have seen your website. Therefore you reap the benefits of this extra exposure via word-of-mouth promotions and recommendations.

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