Is it Time for your Website to Blaze the Trail?

In looking to get ahead of the competition, don’t forget that your website can blaze the trail and really set your business apart in your industry and sector.

Setting the Tone & Making a First Impression
In this digital age of information overload, the majority of people habitually rely on the internet for instant information. As such, in many instances new potential customers to your business will first interact with you via your business website. Therefore it is your website from which they gain their first impression (unless they have been recommended to you). Apart from new visitors, your website sets the tone for all those who visit your website. If it feels and responds professionally to them without any problems, visitors may come to instantly associate your business with these positive traits.

How Radical of a Redesign?
Looking at your website as a platform, your business has the opportunity to make a splash in your industry/sector. While a website will always need certain elements universally to be successful (i.e. it must be mobile responsive), you do have ample scope to be a pioneer and early innovator in your field via the design you choose to implement. Maybe yours could be the first local provider of your service to stream your content to local users for free or perhaps even offer virtual meetings and services over the likes of Skype. While this is technically a service you are offering, the design of your website enables it to exist. As you can see with this example, you do not have to reinvent the wheel to reinvigorate your website.

Find the Followers
With timely competitor analysis (which you should be conducting at regular intervals), you may start to notice competitors following your lead on their websites. It takes one good idea to take off and strike a chord with your target audience for competitors to take note and aim to replicate your success. But being the first to do this will stand as a testament to your business and your website – the blueprint that others will emulate. Growing out of this, you can also adopt a slogan/tagline which highlights your innovation in the field e.g. “The first bakery in Clare where you can leave voicemail messages through a website.”

The expert team at Ireland Website Design specialise in modern, responsive and innovative website designs and builds for businesses of all sizes and from various different sectors. Get in touch with us to not only stand out from the crowd, but also to drive sales to your business.

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