The Best Way to Display YouTube Videos on Your Website

Here we outline the best way to display YouTube videos on your website that keep potential customers and deter potential competitors.

With the rise of video content on websites in 2016 also came the rise of negative opportunities. These being the new element of the addition of video content to websites that may alarm visitors and cause them to close the website and also giving competitors a back door entry into your website. But with a little know-how and some effortless embedding, you can safeguard your website from potential bounces and keep the focus on your business and your brand.

Here is how to implement videos without infringing on the user experience
The main rule here is to try to avoid videos playing automatically when a visitor comes to your website. If you really want an automatic video to play as part of your overall website design (and perhaps because your particular business/industry may deal in video); it is highly recommended to have this video be muted from the get-go. The reason this is important is to do with first impressions. A new visitor to your website will simply not know what to expect. So once your webpage loads and instantly there are moving images and sounds playing on cue (without any warning to the visitor), they may think that they are being bombarded with an advertisement or that they have been redirected to a suspicious website. Even worse, the sudden shock factor may cause them to simply close the website/browser to cease the sounds, resulting in a bounce to your page. So the lesson here is to have your video content visible, but let your visitors decide if they want to watch and hear it.

Here is how to prevent competitors from appearing alongside your video content
If you have ever watched a YouTube video to the end before, you know that once the video finishes, a list/grid appears with further recommended and suggested videos for you to watch. These videos will be within the same sphere of content that you just watched and so they could very easily feature videos from your competitors who trade in the same products and services as you. You can switch off this feature in YouTube by clicking on ‘Share’ under the video, then to ‘Embed’. Under the URL to be embedded, click on ‘Show More’ and then untick the box that states ‘Show Suggested Videos’. Once you untick this, the embed code will refresh and it is this newly generated code which you should use to insert the video into your website, free from competitor contamination.

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