What is a Purpose Built Website and is it For You?

Holding an event, conference or promotion that would benefit from a purpose built site? Here we explore the idea of having sister-sites.

While you obviously have your main business website, you may reach a stage where a side project grows bigger or an upcoming event requires its own dedicated space. While you could dedicate many pages and an entire subsection within your website to this, it is always an idea to have a completely separate sister-site to exclusively hold this content. This brings with it many advantages.

1.    It shows how important the event etc. is
Having a dedicated website for an event such as a conference shows those who visit the website that this is a proper professional event that deserves its own unique web presence (in the form of this purpose built website). A contact/sign-up form incorporated into this website too can siphon customer data to your overall business to add to your mailing list etc.

2.    It allows for an increase in traffic
Looking at this from an eCommerce side of things; you may require a website if you are planning a big sale or promotion with your online store. Once you advertise this sale, you can expect an increase in traffic. Instead of jeopardising your main website crashing due to the volume of traffic, you can advertise for visitors to visit your dedicated sale website instead where the server can work just for this purpose.

3.    It’s an investment for your business
As the website is needed only for a one-time event, the website itself will not disappear after the event ends. Rather, you can edit and tweak this as you need for further events and sales etc. or even for a different project altogether. With this, you have two effective and efficient web presences for your business going forward.


A sister-site like the examples mentioned above serves its purpose well by having its own space and resources to breathe and serve its purpose. Not only does its existence bring benefits to the event that it serves to promote, but it is also a solid investment for your business that can be used time and time again and updated for your needs in the future. Some businesses may want to keep the original website intact and archive the material akin to an online time capsule or a learning resource.

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