5 Indicators That You Need a Website Reskin

Are you at a point where your website would really benefit from a great reskin? Here we list some common indicators as to when this might be the case.

A website reskin differs from a new website being built as it serves to improve your current website within the existing framework. The results can look and feel like a completely new website and for some businesses it can be a preferable option if time and budgets are a factor. Below we list five indicators that a reskin may be in order.

1.    Your Website Seems Dated
If your website is not mobile responsive it needs to be upgraded immediately. Apart from this, if it looks and feels dated it is also a candidate. Define ‘dated’ though? Well this would be the opposite of modern websites which are known to feature responsive elements and search-engine-optimised content such as professional imagery and video content. A leaning towards simple and clear fonts are also a recurring theme in modern website designs, so if yours features a majority of more complex or calligraphy style fonts, this is another sign.

2.    A Reskin Will Reach Your Goals
If one of your goals with your website is to gain five e-mail subscribers each week, a reskin can help you reach this goal. Rather than start from the ground up, the reskin can implement a custom sign-up from into your website and optimise it’s positioning and responsiveness to drive visitors to it. This is one example of how a reskin can help you to reach your online aims and goals. Ask yourself if tweaks and additions will help reach your goals.

3.    Your Website Has Never Changed
Comfort and familiarity are great, but when it comes to websites this can also equate to inactivity. A website that rarely ever changes or receives fresh content can give off an appearance that the business attached to it is quiet and possibly even not operational. While maintaining an active blog and refreshing images (especially on the home and landing pages) can help with this a great deal; a reskin that tweaks and improves the design, layout and graphics etc. is a subtle but effective way to stay relevant and convey activity.

4.    Your Website Navigation is Messy
Over time as new pages get added and your products and/or services expand and bring with them new content to your website; the overall navigation of your site can become cumbersome and cluttered filled with extra links and expanding URLs. Your website reskin can act as a clean-up for this by implementing parental menus for relevant sections and shortening links to be more user friendly and accessible.

5.    The Ultimate A/B Test
If you have been considering to update or even rebuild your website but still have some doubts, a reskin can offer you a great A/B test between old and new. Learn from the ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ adage and uncover the best and popular sections from both versions before deciding what will be make the final cut. A reskin is also easier to revert back from if you decide you ultimately prefer the older version of your website as opposed to a full re-build and re-design.

Contact us at Ireland Website Design if you are considering a professional reskin, re-design or re-build of your website (or if you need an entirely new one from scratch). Due to our expert modern and responsive website designs, our work drives sales to your business.

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