Prepare Your Business for Next Level Google Maps

From physical paper maps, to sat navs, GPS and Google Maps; it has never been easier to get your business located. Discover the next layer here.

In the past, we relied on unfolding (and then trying to re-fold) large paper maps when looking for a particular destination be it a town, hotel or concert venue. While cumbersome and time consuming, there was no other alternative. Technological advancements then brought us satellite navigation and GPS which mostly removed the paper element.

Today however, Google Maps is arguably the most prevalent map system used. It is truly universal and as we know it can offer detailed street views and itemised directions (with estimated times) to and from locations also. But like with most technology in the world we live in today, it is in the process of evolving into a newer and more powerful form.

Speaking of evolving into a newer and more powerful form, Pokémon Go springs to mind as a step in this evolution. For those unfamiliar, the game features a map of your local vicinity with various ‘Pokéstops’ dotted around. These stops are actually real life locations featured on the map such as post offices and cathedrals that players must travel to and visit in real-time to advance in their game. While Google Maps can show us what is in an area, it has also started to dig a little deeper and show us inside the bigger buildings themselves, much like how a Pokéstop shows you an image and small text preview of the location.

Google Maps has now started to offer another layer of interactivity with their maps. In certain (usually much bigger) landmarks such as sports stadiums and shopping centres, users can zoom in and click on the building of interest. This allows them to look beyond the exterior of the building and see the internal workings of the building. This reveals the overall layout, how many rooms/sections it contains and how many levels the building has etc.

How does this help my business? Well it means you can get ahead of the curve if this applies to you. This is a new feature being rolled out, so f you have a physical store location in one of these bigger shopping centres or business/industrial complexes; you can contact the manager of these premises and firstly inform them that this new map feature is available. Secondly then, ensure that your location is listed in the correct place within the architecture. This enables those who are planning to visit your business to know exactly where to find you if you are housed in a larger building surrounded by other units (and competitors).

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