3 Things to Know About Using a Digital Agency

Discover the three things that can blindside those who do not work in the industry. This is useful preparation before liaising with a digital agency.

1.    You Have Over a Thousand Competitors
As part of their research into your industry to work with you and your business, digital marketers will undergo a comprehensive competitor analysis of your business. Of course you know that you have competitors, but the results of an in-depth analysis by a digital marketing agency may surprise you. They will be able to show you your local, national and international competitors and why and how they are able to outrank your company. It will also uncover what businesses may offer comparable products and/or services like your business as their secondary offering. If you sell curtains for example, your own competitor analysis may only look strictly at curtain vendors. A more in-depth and fully fleshed analysis will also take into account blinds and shutters companies that focus on selling these primarily, but also stock and sell curtains.

2.    They Speak a Different Language
While everything will be fully explained and relayed to you when working with a reputable digital marketing agency, you may be privy to some exotic buzzwords used in the business. As both the internet and digital landscape grow by vast amounts daily, so too do the commodities that digital marketers touch upon also expand. Some such terms would include organic reach, KPIs, marketing cloud, serp, landing pages, A/B testing, sales funnel, remarketing pixel and so on . . . As you can see from this small selection of digital marketing buzzwords, it is an entire industry in itself with its own developed lingo. But rest assured that everything will be explained to you in a clear and understanding language as we understand that many of these words are new and foreign to you.

3.    They Have Thousands of Tools
As you will gather by now, quantity is a major factor when it comes to digital marketing with thousands of competitors and thousands of buzzwords to contend with. The tools available to digital marketers are in no short supply either. This is supplemented only by the quality work and outcomes that digital marketers are capable of by using these tools. Therefore if you are looking to meet a specific target or reach a specific goal, there more than likely exists a tool fit for the job. Yes you yourself could use the likes of Buzzsumo, Klear and Buffer; but the time it takes to master these and the ongoing costs of their premium features is unattractive to a lot of businesses. This is where the expertise of the digital marketer comes into play. They will have the premium versions of these up-and-running and ready to use straight away for your business.

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