The 5 Most Common Digital Marketing Myths

There are many myths surrounding the world of digital marketing. Here’s our guide to the top five digital marketing myths and their realities.

1.    People Do Not Read Websites/Copywriting Is Not Important
Content is king, queen, prince and princess too! Many people believe that visitors do not bother to read the information provided on a website. This is true – if your website is full of copied, formula-following drivel that doesn’t stand out or reveal anything about your business. Provide unique copy that is engaging, interesting and truthfully represents your unique corporate/company brand and personality and visitors will love your website. How many times have you flicked onto a site to be met with ‘Welcome to X, leaders in X, clients say X, Hire Us Now’? How many times have you actually bothered to engage with that company? Our betting is slim-to-none. Talk to your visitors like they are human and they will return.


2.    You Can Track Your Visitors’ Every Move
Ever-advancing technology means that yes, you can follow your visitors’ browsing history on your website. Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools many companies install to help figure out where their websites go wrong and where their call-to-actions fall flat. This is on your own website – you cannot track visitors’ onto other companies’ sites or their general browsing history. That would be highly illegal for your average company and incredibly creepy.

3.    Social Media Likes, Followers, Plus Ones etc. Are Meaningless
Social media platforms are now the main forums for companies to talk to their customers on. Your average consumer checks a company’s social media for reviews and customer service examples before purchasing a product or service. We cannot emphasise enough just how important a good social media profile is. Word of mouth is irreplaceable in the world of business and social media provides you with the perfect chance to spread the news about how great your company is. Build up that customer-company relationship, behave professionally at all times and watch the sales roll in.



4.    SEO Does Not Land the Leading Spot on Google Rankings
Ok, so here’s the thing. Google rankings are created from an unknown set of algorithms that change on an unknown basis yet can affect your entire business. Ranking highly on Google for your chosen search phrases is difficult. It is a long, drawn out process that requires a lot of grunt work on behalf of your web designer, copywriter, marketing team and developer. However, Search Engine Optimisation is integral to aiding your company ranking first – it’s even in the name. You fully optimize your site, add fresh new engaging content and provide a pleasant browsing experience for your site’s visitors and you will rank highly. The days of quick-fix black hat SEO tricks are over. Build a solid foundation of reliable, approved SEO tactics and you will rank high on Google – it may just take a little longer than you expected.

5.    Redesigning a Website Does Not Lead To More Customers
It’s true that adding a few new photos to your old website will not get you more customers (unless those photos say ‘everything reduced by 95% - today only’) however, a thorough redesign can. Add more functionality to your site, get rid of outdated plug-ins, optimise for SEO and write new and engaging content. You may find old clients return at the opportunity to engage with the new and improved you. New clients will find you on Google, social media or through word of mouth and be impressed with the modern, professional website in front of them. Treat your website as your shop front – if it’s covered in cobwebs and the door’s hanging off its hinges, people won’t want to come inside and buy.


Create New Content, Embrace Your Unique Brand and Engage With Customers
Digital marketing is surrounded with myths that need to be put to bed. Modern digital marketing is all about engaging with your customers, testing your methods and measuring your success. With the use of Ireland Website Design’s digital marketing strategies, you can promote your company’s online image and reputation – gaining loyal customers in the long-run.

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