What's The Best Project Management Software?

Looking for a great piece of project management software? Check out Teamwork Projects and see your productivity and turnover increase substantially.

Ireland Website Design recently went through a substantial growth period and our CEO Nick and project manager Stephen were both concerned about combining new projects with existing clients, yet still maintaining our high standards of work. To help old and new team members alike adapt to their new working environment, we decided that we needed a project management tool.

After researching a few options on the market, we decided on Teamwork Projects. Why? It allows every member of the team to visualise each step of the project they’re working on. It enables our project manager to monitor each team member’s progress and quality of work. It stops us from missing any of those smaller elements of a project. It’s quickly picked up by even the most technophobic client; it’s so easy to use. There are so many benefits to using Teamwork Projects, it has revolutionised our working approach in the office. It’s also entirely online - so accessible anywhere – which means everyone on the team can keep up-to-date wherever they are.

As for Nick and Stephen, they’re reaping the benefits of the new project management software! Teamwork Projects itemises each project, leading to full accountability and increased output. The management system also allows clients to see how their project is progressing, each step of the way. We’ve noticed an increase in client referrals since rolling out Teamwork projects – we see this as a direct result of having a logical, tangible system in place that helps us to produce the highest standard of work quality consistently. Teamwork Projects adds another level of complete transparency for clients into our working process – should anything need to be revised, they can easily see what the section of the project entailed and how long it took to complete. By opening up your working process with Teamwork Projects, you’re adding to your clients’ complete trust in your company and staff, we’ve seen the benefits of this already.

In the future, we’re looking forward to trying Teamwork Desk and Teamwork Chat but for the moment, we’re incredibly happy with how Teamwork Projects is working out for us – and we highly recommend it to you too!

Check out Teamwork.com's new case study on Ireland Website Design's use of Teamwork Projects. With over 370,000 satisfied clients worldwide, it's the best solution for your project management software needs and we love it!

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