Why Whitepapers Work

Whether you are a high-flyer or a new player conscious of your career, whitepapers will appeal to you. They work for the following reasons.

Some are confused by whitepapers. As they mostly contain text, why can’t they just form a part of your website instead of being offered as separate downloads? While strictly speaking they can, here we explore as to why they exist in the first place and how they perform differently to website content.

Information Overload
Simply put, if the text within whitepapers was to be transcribed onto website pages, there would be too much text resulting in an overload of information. This makes it difficult for users to read the information that they need or are interested in as it is lost in a sea of text. In tandem with this, whitepapers can often be the draw of a landing page and are offered to people as an incentive for signing up to a mailing list or completing a survey etc. They exist in their own file to perform their unique function of being manually downloaded by the user – displaying their full contents on your website is nonsensical.

Saved for Later
When a whitepaper is downloaded, it is most likely either stored or printed. This means that it can be saved for later for the busy CEO to read on their flight or for the new recruit to upskill on a relevant facet of the business. In this vein, they are a legitimate form of studying in that some whitepapers can run into the hundreds of pages or be a succinct introduction and rundown of a subject. One's online bookmarks are usually jam-packed with good links to go back to and read “when time permits”, but the existence of the entire whitepaper on one’s device or physically in printed form arrests, commands and very often gets attention.

Offline Branding
Once downloaded from your website, whitepapers become a separate entity in that they now exist in an offline manner because they do not require internet access to function. As you write and design these whitepapers, they are sure to contain your company logo and branding. Therefore they covey your company when they are left printed on a desk or opened on a device at a later time and date even after your website has not been visited. Whitepapers extend your brand by offering useful information to those who seek it both online and offline.

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