How to Write an Effective Page Preview

The succinct preview on your search engine results page can make all the difference between your website being clicked on or coasted over.

In just two very short lines of text, you are tasked with transcribing a compelling call-to-action to get people to click on your website. This preview is built from the following elements that each play a part in grabbing the attention of potential customers. Consider each of these separately when setting these in the backend of your website, but also remember that they must knit into one another to result in a cohesive and magnetic preview of your website.

SEO Keyword
In all of the below sections (title, URL and meta description), you should endeavour to include your SEO keywords/term in each instance. Let’s use an example to illustrate this – you are a printing company and you are setting the preview for your website page on leaflet printing.

The title of your page obviously indicates as to what the page contains and the information within it. It commands that you be succinct in that the entire title cannot exceed around sixty-five words but at the same time it needs to explain the contents within. Keeping with looking to promote leaflet printing, your page title may read as the following: Leaflet Printing – Professional Printing Louth.

Within the backend of most website CMS you can set a different URL to display on the page preview instead of the actual URL. While this is not of the upmost importance in the grand scheme of things, it is another opportunity to establish page clarity through cohesion and also to feature your chosen keyword/term again. An example would be:

Meta Description
With the above two elements complete, next comes the aforementioned succinct two line description of the entire page. While you should include your keyword/term here, you also have the room to include a contact number for your business. So to include a page description with these elements also, it may looks something like this: Professional and affordable leaflet printing here at the local Louth printers. Call 4142292

When we at Ireland Website Design create a business website for you, we optimise every single page for SEO purposes which includes the preview information of each page. Each and every business website we design results in a satisfied client added to our portfolio which sees their website drive customers and sales to their business.

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