Three Common E-Mail Marketing Fears to Forget

E-mail marketing may be in existence for years, but some businesses are still being held back by certain fears in relation to it. Face these today to gain a competitive edge.

1. The Fear of Innovation
Marketers love facts, figures and studies to back up and solidify any plans that they may have. On the flip side of this however, some of the most successful and high impact marketing drives are completely new and fresh, revolutionary even. Yet when it comes to e-mail marketing, most are afraid of trying something new and stick to the ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ saying. So much so that many e-mail marketing templates and content have become rigid and uninspired. Break the mould and make your next campaign unique and unexpected so that it becomes the blueprint for other marketers to study and make reference to. Perhaps your next marketing e-mail will consist of a single unique QR code or maybe even a puzzle where recipients have to highlight the entire e-mail to reveal an otherwise hidden discount code?

2. The Fear of Error
Making a spelling mistake on an e-mail addressed to one person is a minor annoyance. Making a spelling mistake on a marketing e-mail sent to ten thousand people on your company mailing list can affect brand image – but not always in a bad way. The fear of including errors in your marketing e-mails can cause a subconscious driver that makes you use more simple words and sentences to avoid this fear. Yet by taking the leap and creating more complex and engaging content, an error or two may understandably occur. For example, you might build a hyperlink into the word ‘sunglasses’ that instead brings those who click on it to your webpage on contact lenses. In the grand scheme of things, this is a minor error that shows that yours is a human business with real people behind your customer correspondence. We all make mistakes.

3. The Fear of Response Rates
In an ideal world, each marketing e-mail sent to your mailing list would be opened by every single individual recipient and each open would result in a conversion. We know in reality that this never happens, but even if an e-mail has a grand total of zero conversions, one should not let this become a fear that your e-mail was a waste of time. Rather than focus on response rates and revenue generation, remember that each open and click is an effective exercise in brand building. Before your e-mail was sent, those on your mailing list were not even thinking about your company. Now however, they are clicking on to your website and interacting with your brand. There may be no conversions as of yet, but you have made it so that your business is at the forefront of their minds should the need arise to avail of your products and/or services.

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