Meet the Team via Interviews and Blogs

The popular ‘Meet the Team’ or ‘Our Team’ website pages can be enhanced further with the additions of their blogs and interviews. Learn more here.

Many visitors to websites like to see who they could be dealing with and/or purchasing from. Therefore they tend to gravitate towards the ‘Meet the Team’ or ‘Our Team’ pages to visually see and then read about the people who comprise of your company workforce. As it stands, most of these team pages include a picture of a staff member accompanied by a biography and short description of the person and what they do.

Yet in today’s business internet environment, competition is rife and everyone is understandably trying to outdo everyone else. With this, you can add an extra edge to your team pages by adding quality content in the form of blog posts by them and interviews with them. An interview can really show the diversity of your team members and show visitors to your website that Ashley would be better to deal with creatively and James would make more sense to ask a technical question to etc. In a similar fashion, having team members create their own blog postings also provides a human link to the outside world (i.e. your potential customers) by adding this relatable and informal element for them to read.

Following on from this (and with permission from your staff of course), you could also link their social media profiles to their team pages. As we know, nothing escapes social media so you may find that your staff already have some postings revolving around their work “Finally finished our Telsa project – can’t wait to see people using it!” Therefore adding in their live Twitter feeds or a snapshot of their FaceBook page further builds their character up in the eyes of your potential customers.

While none of this is strictly essential, you will find that by implementing the above that the team pages of your website become a dense core of stafforce activity. Some industries will find more success than others with doing this and for the right industries this change of interface may even help with your conversion rate. Imagine a prospective bride who is browsing your website and discovers that your wedding planner Sarah shares a mutual love of hamsters with her that she sees from one of her blog posts. She will instantly feel a connection to Sarah as opposed to a simple headshot and name.


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