How to Mobilise your Online Presence

To mobilise your online presence does not mean to make it mobile-friendly. Rather, it activates all of your resources to interact with customers and gain new ones.

You can mobilise your online presence simply by using the facets which it is made up of. Creating a new blog post is an example of a digital marketing activity; but posting this blog post to your social media channels and even over your app as a push notification is an example of mobilising it. In essence and looking at it in this light, mobilising content is akin to optimising it to get the best use from it as possible. Here we show you how to do this when it comes to you:

Blog Posts
Posting a blog to your website may reach two hundred people. Posting a blog to your website, your FaceBook profile and to your Twitter account may reach two thousand people. As you can see, you can prime your blog post to reach a bigger audience by mobilising not only your website, but also your social media channels in conjunction with it.

Mailing List
Your mailing list is made up of those who have willingly subscribed to it to receive correspondence from your business. Therefore each and every time you send a newsletter, you mobilise your mailing list by fulfilling its use. The content of the newsletters are up to you, but by interacting with the hundreds or thousands of your subscribers, you are effectively utilising your online presence to directly reach those with an interest in your business.


Video Content
Video content is widespread nowadays and you should take heed of this trend and do the same for your business. Instead of being confined to your YouTube or Vimeo channels etc., video content finds favour in use everywhere – from your app to your website and everything in between. The versatility of the video file means that it is supported on a vast majority of platforms and it can easily be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices.

As seen from above, effective mobilisation of your online content and presence is common sense and can be easily made commonplace. Twitter does not have to just host your 140 character posts, it can link to your 14,000 word whitepaper if you would like. Your blog post may be to drive traffic to your website, but that does not mean it is confined to only appear on your website. Consult with the experts at Ireland Website Design to effectively utilise and mobilise the tools that you already have. Our websites, our work and our ethos drives customers to your business.

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