Signs that you Should Update your Website

We examine bounce rates, conversion rates and speed rates to ascertain if your website needs an upgrade. We then look at web designer rates to facilitate this.

Bounce Rates
A telling way to see if your website is connecting with those who visit it are to measure your bounce rates to your landing pages. Your main landing page is most likely, but not always, your home page. If these pages have a high bounce rate (whereby people arrive to your webpage but exit it after a few seconds), it is safe to assume that it is not making a good first impression on your visitors. A redesign of these pages can freshen up the interface and use design elements such as videos, buttons and calls to action to instantly hook those who arrive to it.

Conversion Rates
Even if people are not bouncing from your website, are they converting visitors or do they remain simply as viewers of your website? Your conversions (or lack thereof) show you how many people are interacting with your website in the way that you intended. If this amount is low, there are not many people purchasing products, completing contact forms or signing up to your mailing list etc. This illustrates a deficiency in design that is impeding the user journey and preventing you from making more conversions.

Speed Rates
One of the ultimate banes of websites is slow speed. This can obviously make loading times sluggish but can also mean that the interactive and responsive elements of your website are slow to work and can even freeze. If this is the case, visitors to your website will simply leave and seek a better and faster experience from one of your competitor’s websites.

Web Designer Rates
To ease each of these common website pains, it is best to seek the services of professional website designers. Do not be scared off by this or the associated expense as even a minor change implemented by design experts can make a drastic difference to the above rates. You do not necessarily need a new website to ease these pains. Lesser options such as fine-tuning, updates and plugin maintenance or even a website reskin can be of immense help.

Contact Ireland Website Design to discover the options available to you to make the necessary upgrades to your website. Our work ethos and designs are geared to drive customers to your website. Our expert team address and action any of your perceived website issues and facilitate you reaching your online aims and goals.

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