Four Simple Ways to Increase Website Conversions

Here we show you four deceptively simply ways to increase your website conversion rates. This shows you how to tweak and mobilise what is already at your fingertips.

What is a Website Conversion?
A website conversion is a goal that you want to reach over and over again. Each time this goal is achieved, it is referred to as a conversion on your website because a person who started out as browsing on your website has now converted and become a customer of your business. Conversions are important because they give your website a tangible purpose as part of the online presence of your business to obtain customers and generate revenue. An example of a conversion would be if a person who is browsing your website clicks to call on your contact number and gets through to your business.

How can I increase these conversions?
There are simple steps that you can take to increase the conversion rates on your website. These may be simple, but rest assured that they are deceptively so as they are each effective in attracting users to converting on your website. Download our whitepaper titled ‘Four Simple Ways to Increase Website Conversions’ to learn how to do this and how they work to increase your conversions. With nothing but a basic understanding of how to edit your website pages and content, you can quickly and efficiently facilitate for more conversions on your website.

The benefits of conversions:
As seen from above, by making conversions on your website you drive customers to your business and as such generate revenue for it. By doing this and continuing to do this, your website becomes more than a simple online presence and instead acts as a veritable and even more valuable part of your business. Consult with your website designer to ensure that you are getting the most out of your website in terms of making the best conversions possible through natural and responsive design.

Examples on how to increase conversions:
To learn of four different ways to increase your website conversion rates, click here to download our PDF guide titled ‘Four Simple Ways to Increase Conversion Rates.’ These four methods show you how to better feature and therefore facilitate the tools to ensure conversions occur, stipulate how best to present these to those browsing on your website and also explores the types of layout, design and text that you should use to have the best chance at success.

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