Your Website: The Monday - Friday Management Guide

Here we give you a sample guideline that runs through the managing of your website during weekday working office hours. It only takes one hour a day.

Your website is the perfect employee which never takes a rest and never needs a break. However you, or your employee/colleague, that maintains this website do need rests and breaks. As such, here we have devised a simple but maintainable plan to manage your website during the Monday – Friday office working hours.

Monday – 1 hour
Start the week of with a fresh blog posting. Make this take no longer than an hour with a breakdown as follows: 30mins to research and write the blog, 15mins to spell-check and add images to the blog, 5mins to add tags and the remaining 10minutes to post this on your website and then post the URL on your FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Therefore every Monday, you add fresh content to both your website and social media channels to show that all of these platforms are active.

Tuesday – 1 hour
Take an hour every Tuesday to improve the SEO of your webpages – one page at a time. Ensure that your keyword density is natural and used at applicable times to achieve a good keyword density. Check all links going from the webpage to ensure that they work and also interact with your page as if you were a visitor to the website. Is the spelling and grammar correct and is it an easy page to use and navigate? Does this a page at a time to have a fully SEO website.

Wednesday – 1 hour
Websites rely on many images to convey both your business and branding messages. Yet this reliance on imagery can be a drag on website loading times and affect the user experience if certain pages lag due to this. Take the time to optimise images by reducing file size without sacrificing on quality. When dedicating time like this to your website imagery, identify areas which need images added or changed to better reflect your business as time passes and you launch new products and services etc.

Thursday – 1 hour
Just like on a Monday, towards the end of the working week on a Thursday is a good day to add another blog to your website. This gives your blog readers a fresh post to read before the end of the working week or even something new to peruse over the weekend. As you have seen from Monday, it also initiates new activity on your website and social media too to stimulate interaction with your brand. As we know, blogs also enhance your overall online presence and SEO.

Friday – 1 hour
Before the weekend looms, take an hour to test and backup your website. Search online for website speed and load time tests; many simply require your URL to carry out these tests. Take on board any of the suggestions that the results of these tests reveal to you such as updating plugins and optimising images. Once you spend some time doing this, your final weekly website task is to back up your website to save all of your hard work and effort and safeguard these changes which have been made.

At Ireland Website Design, we give you the tools that you need to first of all have a fully responsive and optimised business website and also to be able to manage and maintain it. Our website designs drive customers to your business and bring you sales as attested by our extensive client portfolio.

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