The One Thing that Always Delays Website Design

Any web developer/designer will tell you that nine times out of then, the client not passing content to them is the main delay when it comes to making a website.

This is because without the desired images, video and text etc. that the client wants to use as part of their final design, the designers cannot format pages and create designs to accommodate for this. It is also impossible to test the new website for factors such as speed, load time and responsiveness. Below are the manifestations of how a delay in content passed to the website designer by the client can delay the entire process.

1. Page Layouts
When it comes to design and page layout creation, there is a big difference between 300 words of text or 350 words of text. Therefore it is of no use for the client to say that they would like an image to the left of the page with a box of text to the right of this image and would like for the height of both the image and the text box to be the same. The exact text is required to check how it will configure in different fonts, sizes and formatting such as if it will be justified or if parts will be transcribed in bold etc.

2. Speed and Load Times
Without complete content populating the pages of a website, it is impossible to gauge the speed and load times of the website properly. Due to this, developers and designers can be left in limbo and unable to proceed with the finer details of the backend development due to not knowing how much space and allowances that they will have to reserve for content.

3. Responsiveness
Some pages of your website may only be reached (apart from their unique URL) via an image tile or a gallery link. Without these in place, it is difficult to gauge how responsive and receptive your website is to these links. Yes a temporary image or tile can be used, but the finished image or tile needs to be tested to satisfy the above two (points 1 and 2) criteria for website design.

How can I avoid these delays?
If you anticipate that these points may also be a source of delay for your website project, it may very well be worthwhile to invest in stock images/photography and or the skills of a copywriter. A website itself is a sound and essential business website today, so it makes sense to have the highest professional quality extended to the content of this website. Not only will this be optimised and professionally completed, but it also means that your content will be prepared on time so as to not delay the development and design of your new business website.

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