The Benefits of an FAQ Page on your Website

Albeit a time consuming task to complete, creating a comprehensive FAQ page on your website can have many benefits for your business.

An FAQ page is a great Comfort Zone for your Website
As people, we all have our own unique comfort zones. This is no different when perusing a website – some people may like to mindlessly browse the products on sale while others may look to read about your company story. Yet on a deeper level, the comfort zone comes into play when a user of a website has a question. If they are not comfortable ringing or e-mailing your business (or perhaps they feel that their query is menial and does not warrant contact being made); a FAQ page is ideal for them. There is also an added comfort in knowing that others have the same question(s) as you, hence why these pages earn their name of Frequently Asked Questions.

An FAQ page is a definite help to your SEO efforts
As this page is very particular to your business and answers and explains things in relation to it, it is a very good and natural opportunity for you to increase your SEO keyword density. No doubt your FAQ page will surpass three hundred words (the word count that Google recognises at a minimum level to be a complete webpage) and will repeat your business name, products and services over and over again as part of the answers to the questions. So while on the surface this page is very beneficial to the users of your website, dig a little deeper and you also see the benefits that it can add to your SEO presence and ranking on search engine results pages.

An FAQ page can Save you Time and keep Competition at bay
If you invest the time to make your FAQ page a comprehensive and not just a passable page, it can save you both time and resources. By outlining the information that those who use your website are seeking, you cut down on the menial enquires (as touched on above) that no matter how small, you as a business in good faith should feel obliged to respond to (eating into your office-time).  A well fleshed out FAQ page also assists in keeping users on your website. If they cannot find that they are looking for, users will simply leave your website and possibly find what they came looking for on a rival/competitor business website.

Having a well thought out and implemented FAQ page reaps many benefits such as the retention of user interaction, natural buttressing of your SEO efforts and can even save you time and resources while keeping the competition at bay. The expert website designers at Ireland Website Design can implement for you a FAQ page that suits your business and/or industry type and have this optimised in terms of SEO and also as part of the user journey on your website.  

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