10 Reasons That Explain the Top 10 Pages of Your Website

There are reasons that your top ten website pages (measured by hits) find themselves in this position. Here we give you ten reasons why they are there and also thus illustrate their importance.

1.    Home Page as a Landing Page
Analytics will most likely show you that your homepage is the most frequently accessed page of your website as a landing page (and therefore in the top ten most popular pages). This would be because upon searching for a product or service in a search engine, your home page is most often listed in these results and as such is the first page that a person would access.

2.    User Journey
It is also a good bet that the top ten pages find themselves positioned next to each other in the user journey if you trace as to what pages people go to and from when on your website. This shows you that these top ten pages form the crux of your website as they are the pages that users visit and click on the most.

3.    Popular Pages
By populating the top ten positions when broken down by hits via analytics; you obviously see your ten most popular pages. This shows you that these pages have struck a chord with your audience and are therefore well designed pages with relevant quality content that is responded to and interacted with.

4.    Informative
People are on your website to find out something whether it be information, your opening hours or a particular product etc. These ten pages are clearly the ones containing the information that they are looking for.

5.    Mobile Responsive
With most of your hits likely coming from mobile devices nowadays, these ten pages obviously render and read well on mobile devices. Here you can ponder that without a mobile optimised website, would these top ten pages be different?

6.    Essential Content
The argument can be made that the pages here are essential pages and would take precedence over lesser pages such as eleventh most popular page and so on. Therefore it would be prudent to implement best practice SEO across these ten pages to ensure that your essential website content stands a fighting chance on search engine results pages.

7.    Serve Their Purpose
Trying to justify as to why these are the top ten pages? One answer is that they obviously serve their purpose. This meaning that the pages are visited again and again and rack up the hits because they perform their duty well whether it is providing high quality information or delivering news and or updates to those who read your website.

8.    Blog Material
Judging by their popularity, the content on these pages is what people are interested in and what they are reading and interacting with. This now feeds into your blog because you now know as to what content people will respond to when making blog postings. In this way, your blog posts can successfully buttress the already popular topics on your website.

9.    Advertising
Using the knowledge that these are your top ten pages, you can see what areas are worthwhile to focus on in terms of online advertisement. While this blog did say that pages eleven onwards can be deemed to be of lesser importance, perhaps you would like to invest your advertisement here to turn the tides in their favour.

10.    Cutthroat Simplicity
Knowing all of the above and with your top ten pages in view, you can see that if you were to have a simple and straightforward website that these pages are the only ones that you would need. This would capture the most important parts of your website and cut down on bandwidth and increase website speed by ditching the less popular and rarely visited pages.

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