Three Things That Google Analytics Cannot Tell You

As powerful and useful that Google Analytics is, there are simply some things that it cannot do and cannot show you. We reveal the main three here.

1. Who interacted with your website?
Google Analytics can give you the when and where (from) in terms of wondering when people interacted with your website and what source they came from. However it cannot tell you who these people are. For legal and ethical reasons, Google Analytics cannot reveal to you the ages, genders and other personal details of those who use your website. This information would be useful to ascertain whether your target audience(s) are the ones interacting with your website With this, you have to remember when using Google that a percentage of the hits to your website will be from yourself and your colleagues using your website for company information and also when working on it to action updates and add content etc.

2. Why did they interact with your website?
Following on from the who, Analytics can neither let you know as to why people interacted with your website. Yes it can show you what route they took to reach your website and this can shine some light onto why they ended up here. For example if X amount of people reached your website via a Google Ad, you can assume that they were looking for a product/service that matched your ad. Apart from gleaning snippets of motivational information such as this; Google Analytics cannot explicitly tell you why people reached your website at all. It can as equally be research or recommendation as it could be curiosity or boredom.

3. How come they did not convert or how come they bounced etc.?
Analytics are great at showing what did happen and when, but it can fail at revealing as to why things did not happen or occur. If a website visitor entered through your homepage, navigated to a product page, spent over five minutes interacting with the page but then did not convert by adding the product to the basket; why is this? If at this instance they left your website without any further interaction with any other pages, you are left in the dark as to what caused them to leave without converted. Like wondering why they came in the first place (see above), you can equally endlessly ponder why they left also.

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