How to Integrate Virtual Reality (VR) with your Business Website

Apart from entertainment, Virtual Reality can also be effectively integrated with your business website. Discover the possibilities at Ireland Website Design.

What is VR?
VR stands for virtual reality and like the name suggests, it is a technology which constructs a visual representation of a scenario in its entirety with every detail in a 360 degree view. It is best experienced through virtual reality headsets (you may have heard of the Oculus Rift), but it is also possible to view with your smartphone. Due to this it is has the potential to be viewed by the masses. Therefore your website is a desirable candidate that can take advantage of the business opportunities of VR.

Experience your Bricks-and-Mortar Location
If what you are offering is location specific i.e. hotel rooms or spa studios, you can show prospective clients exactly where they will be staying in a real-life perspective that is almost tangible it its lifelikeness. Restaurants and function rooms can also benefit from this as their settings can be experienced and ambience felt through the VR experience.

Witness the Potential of Products in Use
Rather than a YouTube video displaying a product in use, a virtual reality video can take this a step further. VR can place the products in your point-of-view and also show them in use from the perspective as if you yourself were holding the product in your hands. We can work alongside your vision to portray your products and all of their features the way that you would like to be true to the products themselves and also true to what potential customers can expect.

How can Potential Customers interact with my VR Enhanced Website?
In these early consumer level stages, virtual reality headsets have differing pricing structures with the upper end devices costing over €500 with budget options available for under €100. Versions exist that are compatible with your mobile phone or as standalone headsets. Either way, the expert team at Ireland Website Design can work with you to design and implement business VR experiences that can be integrated into your business website.

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