The Importance of Fonts in your Brand Image

Do not overlook fonts when it comes to your brand image as just like images and colours; fonts are a design element which connote feelings and leave impressions.

Standard, stylish or something else – what font suits your style?

Put simply, a website for a funeral home is not going to feature a fun and playful swirling font. In the same token, it does not have to be entirely cold or doleful either, but ideally a warm and harmless text ticks the boxes here. Font styles cover many implied attributes and traits. Apple for example likes to be known for the ease-of-use of their products. Therefore instead of opting for a complicated font such as in a calligraphy style, they instead utilise a plain and uniform font that complements their brand image and their brand ethos. With both of these examples, the font Lucida Handwriting would not be a good fit whereas the font Sans Serif would be.

The parameters and logistics of size and weight
When you pick a font that suits the style of your company, you next need to consider how this will display and function at different sizes and with different effects applied such as bold and italic etc. Experiment with your font to see as to what would be the maximum size it could be displayed out without looking ridiculous and also the minimum size it could be displayed at where it is still legible. Doing these tests may uncover the fact that you may need to utilise a second, different font for your fine print such as the cookie policy and disclaimer on your website. Make sure to also ascertain as to how your font(s) look when they are transcribed in bold and italic etc. Some fonts look perfectly fine and legible when transcribed normally but can lose some clarity and style when modified like this.

Think beyond your website
While your website acts as your main branding platform online, it will not be your only digital outlet for branding. Should you have/develop an app for your business, your chosen font will have to render and read well and overall be legible on the smaller screen of mobile devices. Consider your e-newsletters also. Some text blocks spread around on your website may work well for your font, but if your e-newsletter layout incorporates a lot of text together in one place the font in this setting may be jarring and off-putting to read through.

Here at Ireland Website Design we have a team of expert online branding specialists as part of our digital agency. Working alongside our website and logo designers, we can help you to choose and implement the perfect font for your business and brand image to present a cohesive approach to how you appear online and further afield.

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