Four Reasons Why Your Website Visitors Respond Well to Checklists

Here we outlay as to why checklists work well as they do not overly hinder the user experience and their attributes work well in the modern day of information overload.

When it comes to interacting with your website visitors, checklists are a great way to get them to give you the information that you need such as details to sign up to your mailing list or even to dictate which curated content suits them etc. Instead of lengthy sign-up forms or other similar methods of gaining information from your website visitors; checklists ease of use and ease to complete are a win-win for both you and your website visitors. You get the information you need in a straightforward manner and they can complete the checklist quickly to get what they need.  

1.    Quick and to the point
People are online to do something. Whether it be to purchase something, to read something or to discover something etc. – they are online for a reason. By presenting them with a checklist on your website, you are only minimally disrupting their experience as checklists are quick and to the point. In tandem with this, the reason that they complete your checklist may be incentivised to help them reach what they are looking for i.e. it may be the last part of the sign-up process to create an account and purchase from your online shop.

2.    They show that you are knowledgeable in your field
Instead of looking for a plethora of information, checklists show that you are confident in the information that you need to obtain and why you need to do it. This refined questionnaire of sorts connotes to those who complete it that you and your business are past the stage of capturing large and sometimes unnecessary swathes of information. Instead, you know exactly what you need to know about your customers and potential customers alike to deliver the best product/service/content etc. to them.

3.    High readership rates
Think to yourself, if you had to choose between reading a paragraph of text or eight lines of text, which is more appealing? When it comes to internet browsing, succinct as opposed to superfluous amounts of text almost always triumphs. Due to this, checklists usually have high readership and completion rates as they are not seen as a bane to read and complete – especially if their completion brings the user one step closer as to why they came to your website in the first place.

4.    Increase your reputation
In this age of information overload; your website visitors will appreciate your succinct checklists as opposed to lengthy sign-up forms and questionnaires etc. This assists with the positive reputation of your website as its design is seen to understand the perceived busyness of your website visitors by assisting them with a swift and simple experience. This can also influence positive word of mouth about your business and website with people recommending it as a place to get results and get what they need with minimum effort.

Talk to us here at Ireland Website Design as to how checklists can be implemented into both your website and digital strategy. You will receive information that you need from your customers and potential customers alike while also increasing your reach and brand awareness through recommendations and referrals. Our expert team can help you with all of this as we strive to bring customers to your website.

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