Mobilising your Original Content to Gain More Leads

Bring your original content to the next level by having it feature on numerous channels. This can increase your audience and help you gain leads from different sources.

Once you have written a blog post or created a newsletter, the standard procedure is to publish it on your website and to send it to your subscribers respectively. While this will reach a certain amount of people, there are ways in which you can and should increase this potential reach by promoting and pushing your original content as far as it can go. This will open up more possibilities for you and your business to reach a wider audience and gain more leads – attributes which can lead to an increase in sales, customers and brand awareness.

Social Media
With your business social media channels already setup, it makes sense that you also post your blog content here. You will have to adjust how this is posted per social media stream, for example: FaceBook can display your full blog text, pictures and even link back to your website, Twitter’s character limit means that you are probably best to add a link to the blog on your website and Instagram would work well with again a link back to your website but also with a short video introducing your blog or an image re same. This is a guaranteed way to reach those who may interact with your business on social media.

RSS Feeds
An RSS Feed (commonly known to stand for Really Simply Syndication) is a simple interface which populates itself with your original content such as blog postings, links to newsletters and in some cases even audio and video files. These feeds are common for those who enjoy quality information but prefer to keep it all in one place instead of having to navigate through websites to find and obtain it. RSS Feeds are usually set up to automatically update and look after themselves – so they are little or no effort for you to maintain. Simply continue to link original content to your feed and people will subscribe to read about your company and digest your output of original content.

Affiliated Arenas
Extend your reach of expertise by reaching out to your peer group in terms of industry standard websites and agencies to contribute your content. If your industry is topical or in the news, reach out to the editor of a prominent news or information website and offer to contribute to their coverage as an expert in your field. This does two major things 1) reinforces your status as an expert in your field by contributing to outside sources and 2) promotes you and your business on a wider scale allowing you to be seen as a prominent force in your field.

Critique and Commentary
Other (possibly even rival) blogs and social news websites mostly give visitors the chance to comment on articles and entries. If you provide content for a social news website, you open up the possibility of conversation between those who comment on your piece. Likewise if you comment on a different blog, you can mention your website in a roundabout way to drive some traffic there: “Hi Alex, I really liked your piece, especially the third paragraph which predicts digital marketing trends for 2017. I wrote a similar piece here and would love to know what you think about my quarter two predictions for 2017. Thanks again Alex.”

While it may be more time consuming than the traditional methods of posting and promoting your original content, investing a little more time and effort here can greatly increase your reach and gain leads. Talk to the experts at Ireland Website Design where you can consult with our online branding and marketing experts to integrate RSS Feeds into your website, develop stronger content for your field and reach a wider potential audience.

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